Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse

City and County of Denver

Denver, Colorado

gkkworks, was retained by the City and County of Denver to provide planning, programming, and design services for Denver's Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse and Tooley Civic Plaza, located in the historic Civic Center District. The 325,000 SF courthouse provides court functions for state and county criminal courts and state juvenile courts within the 35 courtrooms. This highly public project required close interaction with the architects of record for the two other buildings (Detention Center and Post Office/Garage) located within the Denver Justice Center. The design team also worked closely with the mayor's office and city council, and held numerous public presentations to neighborhood groups to address the location and design of the complex within the existing urban neighborhood.

Court functions are located within the five above-grade floors and also accommodate administrative space for three courts, clerk operations, district attorney, city attorney, and jury commissioner operations. Secured parking for the judges and sheriff operations, including a sally port and holding cells, are located one level below grade and connect the facility via a secured underground tunnel with the Detention Center. Security was paramount to the building program. The Courthouse incorporates both vertical and horizontal security zones with separate security areas segregated from the public at large and designated solely for the transfer of detainees by the sheriffs. Other security zones are utilized only by the judges and court staff. The public can access the building efficiently and quickly through two security screening areas.

The Courthouse is pending LEED Gold certification and incorporates significant energy conserving design applications, as well as water quality landscaping within the site design.


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