Colorado Academy

Upper School

Denver, Colorado

klipp, a division of gkkworks, provided programming and architectural design services for this new two-story  private school. The project replaced a smaller building in the same location while preserving six classrooms on the northeast side of the existing facility. The design team worked closely with educators and administrators to reinvent these educational spaces for 21st century learning. The project goals included reinventing the previous high school plan and model to foster Colorado Academy's teaching paradigm, and encouraging both informal and formal learning environments.

Colorado Academy framed their need for an updated upper school to better support the instruction in 21st century skills. The outcome of the facility's design is an exceptional environment to further students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through a nine-month design process, the design team rethought not only each of the classrooms to better meet these needs, but redesigned informal student study space, faculty work areas, and the connection back to the campus.  A reduction in locker size allowed for lowered locker areas to be laid out along the interiors, as opposed to the exterior hallways, to further the idea of impromptu collaboration. Education now occurs throughout the building in both formal and informal settings, not only between students and teachers, but also between students.


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