Sally Ride Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles, California

This new elementary school was designed as the "front door" of an urban community currently under redevelopment. The new school is 52,500 SF serving approximately 650 students on two levels and will reside on a dense site of 2.7 acres. The program, which serves kindergarten through fifth grades, includes 27 classrooms, administrative offices, a joint use multi-purpose space, food services and library. The outdoor playground design stems from a garden concept, allowing children the opportunity to play and experience nature in an existing harsh urban setting. The school's library is strategically located on the site's corner, and will be conceived as a destination point by anchoring the two sides of the north and west classroom buildings. The campus will be a community steward of education and sustainability by reaching 50 CHPS points. The sustainable strategies, accompanied by the vine screened street façades and the solar system patterning within the playground, creates the proper setting for today's learning environment.


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