Student Activity Center and Convention Center

India Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Campus

Kharagpur, India

The Convention Center and Student Activity Center's design is based on Vastu Vidya, an ancient Indian practice of architecture used to locate a new building on a site. The dynamic organization of the buildings with harmonious proportion reinforces the concept of duality in Indian architecture with the location of the Convention Center in a circular form embracing the Student Activity Center in a linear form. The two buildings are flanked by courtyards that unfold spaces and creates element of surprise. The visual proportioning of spaces and layering of elements provide ever changing frames of visual compositions through the buildings, while the dynamic massing of the buildings creates a termination, an essential element of the Master Plan. The 24,000 SM Convention Center and Student Activity Center (South Campus) is designed to be the southern termination of the linear plaza that is the main axis for the new South Campus. Functions include: a Student Activity Center (indoor basketball, volley ball, badminton & squash courts, fitness, yoga, cafe, meeting rooms, and offices for student organizations); multi-purpose auditorium & convention hall; meeting rooms and a café, shared between the Student Activity Center and Convention Center.


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