Enterprise Data Center, Live Data Center Renovation

Energy Future Holdings

Mesquite, Texas

gkkworks was invited to support Energy Future Holdings (EFH) long- term IT strategy, which included the design and build of their existing data center into a new full production enterprise data center. gkkworks implemented their business goals of enhancing and increasing reliability and capacity of the data center and migrated 100% of the load all within a "live" environment. The project is on an accelerated four month schedule from scope development to completion of commissioning. The project scope focused on upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems that support the raised floor/data center environment, while meeting best practices for supporting the existing data center.

The upgrades include the modification of the site by providing and installing 1.35 MW of critical power, including a new UPS/battery solution in which the UPS system topology shall be configured to meet N+1, with a new 2.0MW standby power system. The completed back up power system will have the ability to go to three generators and circuit breakers paralleled. gkkworks developed a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model for HVAC analysis of the approximate 16,600 SF raised floor area, in which the replacement and installation of the mechanical system is in accordance with associated recommendations. Also inclusive of this scope is the relocation of the existing Network Operation Center, and a new pre-action "Double Interlock" type fire suppression system.


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